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Building restoration service-Brooklyn NY.


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Our Experience: Specialists in Facade Restoration


During its long experience, ​​Liyana Construction has developed rehabilitation systems, in close collaboration with leading manufacturers specialized in the sector, to achieve maintenance and rehabilitation processes for facades, which seek to guarantee their solidity and maximum durability. We are scrupulously respectful of all the elements that make up the unique facades that Brooklyn has. We perform the most advanced exterior work suitable for any building, ancient and modern. We have the collaboration of the best technicians in the sector thanks to relationships forged in more than 10 years of joint work. If your building is older than 40 years, we advise you to obtain the ITE report. The competitive prices for the rehabilitation of facades makes it an excellent service. A Brooklyn company, we are leaders in the Restoration sector in the neighborhood.


Consider us at your service for brownstone operation. To achieve our ambitious goal, we combine the use of state-of-the-art materials with the traditional techniques used in our city by artisans who built the current facades that we now see in neighborhoods. Remember, good maintenance will prevent your building from requiring in-depth interventions. Correct maintenance, always carried out under technical supervision, will ensure that with small actions, carried out at the right times, your building will remain in good order. There will be less need to undertake large and expensive renovation or repair projects.


Recent Work

Liyana Construction, a masonry contracting firm that focuses on Brownstone Facade and Stoop Restoration company in Brooklyn NYC currently performs work for Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Restorers, Interior Designers, Decorators, etc. We have worked for major companies to complete brownstone façade repair, stoop restoration, brickwork, masonry, and renovation of limestone.


Stucco Repair

Exterior Facade Rework

Stoop Restoration

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Why Choose Liyana Construction?

At Liyana Construction, we focus our activity on offering our clients high-quality work while being reliable and using safe standards. We have a specialized team that carries out different jobs. We use top quality materials and machinery so that the finishes and facade texture are durable. We are committed to meeting the established deadlines. Most importantly, we ensure the safety of our workers, your neighbors, and pedestrians, once we start on an exterior project. Repairs or improvements done require great expertise on the part of contractors.  You can count on us to complete the difficult task of reconstructing details with fidelity to the original because we alternate with using traditional artisan techniques and the most innovative methods now available in the market.


We are characterized by a great capacity for work, and satisfaction of our clients, which has allowed us to acquire a significant consolidation and prestige as a facade consultants company. The quality and taste are reflected in each of our jobs. For this we have a staff of professional employees who are reliable and experienced in the field of restoration. The strategy of our company is to carry out its work while always taking care of the details, so that the results are as faithful to the commitments acquired. We adjust costs as needed, meet established deadlines, and remain committed to being creative but transparent for the satisfaction of our clients.

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Our Team


We have a varied staff, which means that we can carry out all types of tasks, involving facades classified by heritage. By having stickers and restorers, we can perform interventions in historical buildings for front exteriors, as well as interior stairs, where all types of stucco need repair.  Our good practice makes us interpret and follow the criteria of the heritage department. We also have a team of qualified climbers to carry out delaminating works and vertical work. Our staff will:

·       Offer you the best prices for our services.

·       Take care to use the most advanced techniques for your interior & exterior projects.

·       Work with the best estimators in the sector thanks to collaborations forged in more than 10 years.

·       Identify and offer competitive pricing in market to offer better service.


Liyana Construction has the vocation to offer a comprehensive service to our client. That is why, based on our experience ​​we have surrounded ourselves with the best professionals in the sector. Among these professionals are some of the best specialists in the field of Stoop Restoration. Accompaniment in any phase of work, detection of pathologies, making reports, drafting work projects, managing them, and processing the relevant certificates, we will be at your side to recommend the most prepared professionals in each situation for operation brownstone. The qualified personnel that make up the staff, allow us to face works of great magnitude and complexity, assuming the safety and quality commitments required today. We will provide:

·       An estimate as soon as possible.

·       Take your budget in consideration.

·       Be detail-oriented with your project.

·       Analysis of whether the work is Rehabilitation, Technical, or Restoration.

·       Permanent customer service and technical advice.

·       Processing of Building Permits.

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